2016 Goals in Review and Looking Ahead to 2017

A quick review of my 2016 goals and a look at what I plan to accomplish in 2017.

2016 Goals | The Minnevore

2016 Goals in Review


  • Complete a 60 days of yoga challenge by Mar. 2016
    • In progress: To be completely honest, I’ve been waiting to join a specific challenge at my yoga studio to work towards this goal. The times the challenge was offered in 2016, I was traveling, either for work or for fun. I look forward to completing this goal in 2017.
  • Run my second half-marathon by Oct. 2016
    • Not completed; new direction. After thinking more about this goal, I realized that I have no desire to pick up running again. I just don’t love doing it. In fact, I’d much rather spend my time practicing yoga or lifting weights. So, I decided to let go of this goal.
  • Do a dead hang pull-up by Aug. 2016
    • In progress: Although I didn’t hit this goal in 2016, I rekindled my love for lifting weights (I had been feeling burned out – so I took a lifting hiatus). I look forward to hitting this goal in 2017.
  • Hold a handstand, no wall, no help, for a minute by 2017
    • In progress: I got really close to hitting this goal, but not quite. I plan to devote 2-5 minutes each morning to working towards this goal in 2017. 


  • Build a 6-month personal emergency fund by 2017
    • COMPLETED! Thanks to some generous family gifts, we were able to jumpstart our savings and quickly build a fully funded emergency fund in 2016.
  • Pay off half of one student loan (above and beyond required payments) by 2017
    • COMPLETED! Not only did Al and I pay off half of one of my student loans, we paid off all of our debt (not including our mortgage) in 2016!
  • Save 7% of my salary for retirement by 2017
    • COMPLETED! Thanks to Dave Ramsey’s program, Al and I are currently contributing 15% (not including our company matches) toward retirement. Fortunately, we both have the option and are putting our retirement contributions into Roth 401k’s, so that they can grow tax free. 
  • Feel comfortable using the envelope system for 6+ months by Oct. 2016
    • In progress: I started using the envelope system in 2016; then transferred to almost exclusively using my debit card so that I can more easily track purchases via EveryDollar.com. I may revisit the envelope system in 2017.


  • Travel to three different countries (New Zealand and 2 others TBD) by 2017
    • COMPLETED! It’s crazy how when you put your goals into writing, things just happen. When I set this goal, New Zealand was the only thing in the works. In addition to being blessed with the opportunity to explore New Zealand, by the end of 2016, we will have also visited Iceland, St Martin/Sint Maarten and Anguilla.
  • Start four capsule wardrobes by 2017
    • In progress/new direction: I drastically reduced the amount of clothing I own  to about 50 pieces total. Although I didn’t define specific, seasonal wardrobes, I currently wear everything I own and it all falls within a similar color scheme. For 2017, I’ll continue to evaluate everything I own and question whether or not each piece is 1) something I love and 2) something I wear often. I will continue to add pieces, as needed, emphasizing quality over quantity.
  • Have a basic understanding of a new language (Italian) by 2017
    • In progress/new direction: After finding out I’d be traveling to french-speaking St. Martin, I redirected my attention to learning some conversational French. Thanks to Pimsleur and lots of time spent in the car, I am now able to say a few basic phrases in French. 
  • Re-decorate two rooms in our house – Bedroom by Apr. 2016 – second (TBD) by 2017
    • In progress: I painted and redecorated our bedroom (in November 2016), but have yet to start on a second room. So, I am carrying the second part of this goal over into 2017.

2017 Goals


  • Complete a 60 days of yoga challenge.
  • Do a dead hang pull-up.
  • Hold a handstand, no wall, no help, for a minute.
  • Finish 2 complete LiveFit Trainers by mid-2017.


  • Stick to an annual clothing budget of $2500; focusing on quality over quantity.
  • Buy a truck with cash. 
  • Complete a month-long, no-spend challenge.
  • Start a side business and earn $10,000+ additional income, while being highly effective and valuable in my current position. 


  • Travel to Chile and Easter Island by 2018.
  • Read 50 books. 
  • Brush up on conversational Spanish; have a meaningful conversation entirely in Spanish.
  • Re-decorate guest bedroom and drywall/paint basement.

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