Welcome to the Minnevore, a personal lifestyle blog devoted to helping us all eat well, explore often, play more and live a more meaningful life.

Emily Schwartz RDN | The Minnevore

Hey, there! I’m Emily.

Wondering what the heck is a Minnevore?  Yeah, me too!

 Just kidding. The name stems from my love for eating good food (more literally, being an omnivore) and living in the land of 10,000 lakes (Minnesota). 

Minnesota + Omnivore = Minnevore


By day, I’m a supermarket dietitian where I have a blast helping others discover the benefits of eating good food. Any other time, I consider myself a wannabe domestic ninja (think Emily Post and Martha Stewart-like) and I have an insatiable itch for adventure.

I constantly crave more. More skills. More adventure. More life.

I frequently change my mind. So although I am very interested in food, personal style, budget-living, yoga, travel, self-improvement, bullet journaling, finding work-life balance, etc., etc., don’t be surprised if you find a collection of randomness here on the Minnevore.

The Minnevore, itself, is my creative outlet and digital journal of life’s adventures, however, exciting or mundane they may be. Take it or leave it, but ultimately, I hope that you find a little value and inspiration in the ideas shared here on my little corner of the interwebs. 


Cheers to the good life! 


P.S. I tend to write like I talk. So, there may be an over-usage of punctuation. You’ve been forewarned. 🙂