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My November Bullet Journal Set-Up

This November bullet journal set-up is simple, minimalistic and bound to be effective in preparation for the upcoming holiday chaos!

November marks my one year anniversary of discovering bullet journals and this self-created method of planning. It’s crazy how time flies and I can’t believe it’s been a full year since I started, but I’m definitely hooked!

I’ve said this before, but I am so grateful for my bullet journal. It helps me clear my mind, helps me lay out my thoughts, helps calm my anxiety, and most importantly, it allows me to plan in a creative way. 

Before I get to my November bullet journal set-up, I did want to give a quick shout out to the #planwithmechallenge and the hosts who inspired me to start bullet journaling: @prettyprintsandpaper, @tinyrayofsunshine and @boho.berry on instagram. These continue to be huge sources of inspiration to me. So, if you’re looking for more planner ideas, be sure to check the links above!

November Bullet Journal Set-Up


November Bullet Journal Set-Up | Play More | The Minnevore

PlanWithMeChallenge Prompts and Header Page

I always like to write down the prompts for the month, so I can keep track of which prompts I participate in. I also sometimes look ahead and plan out what I can potentially share on Instagram.

My header page is just something fun I like to include in my monthly set-up. I kept it simple in November with just the month and year. 

November Bullet Journal Set-Up | Play More | The Minnevore

Monthly Log

This page doesn’t look like much now, but by the end of the month it will be filled with headers, arrows, tasks and highlights. It’ll be easier to share a picture at the end of the month, but for a general idea, I list out all of my important events next to the vertical calendar on the left. The blank space to the right is then filled with all known tasks for the month. I draw arrows between events and tasks. I also highlight each with a different color and then highlight the tasks that need to be completed within a week the same color. 

November Bullet Journal Set-Up | Play More | The Minnevore

Habit Tracker and Goals

It’s been a few months since I’ve included a habit tracker in my monthly set-up. After toying around with tracking habits on a weekly basis, I decided to revisit the monthly habit tracker. This month I created the simple spread on the left. It contains all of the “habits” I’d like to work on (bottom left) and the days/dates (running vertical on the left). Each day I’ll color in the respective box if I’ve completed a habit.

On the right, I created a space for monthly goals. I’m very goal-oriented. So, I find it very valuable to set goals on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. I haven’t filled this page in yet, but I try to set at least one goal in four areas: fitness, finance, fun and professional.

November Bullet Journal Set-Up | Play More | The Minnevore

Gratitude Log

This spread is a space for me to record at least one thing that I am grateful for each day.

November Bullet Journal Set-Up | Play More | The Minnevore

Example Weekly Log

Over the summer, I started including weekly spreads. Although the exact layout changes week to week, I usually include the weather and major events. I also include weekly goals, tasks and a space for notes or ideas that come up throughout the week. 

November Bullet Journal Set-Up | Play More | The Minnevore

Weekly Meal Plan and Shopping List

This is my go-to meal plan and shopping list spread. It’s gotten simpler over time, which I’m okay with. I really like this spread because it contains everything I need in one place.

November Bullet Journal Set-Up | Play More | The Minnevore

Example Daily Spread

My daily spreads will change from week to week. This week I opted for a very minimalistic spread, but it still contains my necessities: the day and a time tracker bar. I use the time tracker bar to track how much time I spend on tasks throughout the day. 


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