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If you follow me on the ‘gram you may have noticed that I’m slightly obsessed with my bullet journal. Since starting in November 2015, my bujo (short for bullet journal) has become a pretty big part of my life. So, I wanted to take a brief moment and share a little bit more about why I’ve fallen in love with this method of planning. 

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But before I share why I love it, I should probably explain what a bujo is.

What’s a Bullet Journal?

 The bujo system is a planning method created by Ryder Carroll. He describes it as a “customizable and forgiving organization system. It can be [a] to-do list, sketchbook, notebook, and diary … or all of the above.”

Although you can use really any type of notebook for bullet journal-ing, I am currently using the “official” Bullet Journal from Ryder’s website. It is a beautiful black hard cover notebook with dotted pages, a sturdy pocket and three bookmarks for marking frequently used pages. 

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Why I Bullet Journal?

I could probably go on and on about all of the reasons why I love bullet journaling, but for the sake of your time, I’m keeping it down to five. So here it is … 5 reasons why I bullet journal.

1. It increases my productivity.

It probably wouldn’t be ideal if a planning system didn’t help increase productivity. Luckily, the bullet journal definitely helps me in that department. I love that I’m not restricted by a set layout. With my bujo, I can easily devote more space to a to-do list or a project spread simply by turning to a new page. I especially love this, and think it is a major contributor to my increased productivity, because I get so much satisfaction from crossing items off my lists. More space = more tasks = more opportunities to check off.  The extra space and layout freedom allows me to further breakdown bigger projects into more manageable tasks, which also helps increase productivity.

Why I Bullet Journal | The Minnevore | Play More2. It helps clear my mind.

Have you ever tried to fall asleep, but your brain just won’t quit thinking about things that need to be done? Yeah, that’s me … like all the time. But, because there is “infinite space” and “endless possibilities” in my bujo, I feel like I can more easily dump whatever is on my mind into various lists whenever I need to. So thanks to the bujo system, by the end of the day I have less things on my mind and I feel like I can more easily fall asleep. 

Why I Bullet Journal-23. It allows me to get creative.

I’ve always loved creating and making things look pretty, but I don’t really feel like I have extra time to devote to that on a regular basis. Since the bullet journal is essentially a blank slate, it offers a great opportunity to exercise my creativity while still being productive. I love adding a little bit of color or a doodle here or there if I have a little extra time. On the flip side, if I’m feeling super busy I can easily omit those extras or “decorate” my journal at a later date.  Why I Bullet Journal | The Minnevore | Play More

4. It helps me stay present while actively pursuing my goals.

Whether I’m planning long term or breaking down daily tasks, the customizability of the bullet journal helps me focus not only on the tasks at hand, but also bigger goals down the road. Because there is no set format, I can easily create a to-do list for the day  and then when an idea for a future project randomly presents itself, I can turn the page and create a new collection or spread devoted to it. Another beautiful thing about the bullet journal is that everything is in one place. So I can easily refer back to notes or previously set goals whenever needed. The sheer nature of the system allows me to stay present while actively pursing my goals 

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5. It  brings me joy. 

Most importantly, the whole process of bullet journaling makes me pretty darn happy. I love that this planning method helps me stay productive while actively working towards my goals and that I can be a little more creative if I want to be (or have the time!). I also love that if something isn’t working out in my bujo, I can simply turn the page and create something new.


How do you plan? Leave me a line below. I’d love to know!

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